Transistor Youth Arts is excited to announce that Wide Angle Tasmania members who sign up to do the Advanced classes in Screenwriting and Directing for Short Film Festivals: 15-19 years (September 18, 20, 25 & 27) will receive a 50% discount to the workshops. That is $37.50 (instead of $75) for doing the Directing or Writing Workshop or $50 (instead of $100) for doing both.

Participants will develop  short film idea for Festivals, be mentored through the writing process, learn how to direct actors, and develop the tools to prepare, as a Director, for a film shoot. Two scripts and Directors will get their work produced through ‘Film Greenhouse’ and then be submitted into Festivals.


Mentors: Briony Kidd (Stranger with my Face International Film Festival), Rebecca Thomson and Lucien Simon.


To receive the discount Email admin@mastfilms.com.au with a photo of your membership card and receive a PROMO code for a 50% discount and a link to make payment.


For more information visit: http://transistoryoutharts.com/greenhouse-filmmaking-incubator-years-13-19/

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