Students at Cosgrove H.S filming ‘New Girl Old Problem’ and ‘Ed’.

Transistor Youth Arts would like to congratulate the students of Cosgrove High School whose films were nominated for 4 awards.

In 2019 Transistor Youth Arts ran a filmmaking program for Cosgrove High School’s multi-pride program. Through this initiative two anti-bullying films were written, produced and created by the students.

Ed was nominated for the following award categories: Most Promising Filmmaker and Best Original Score, and

New Girl, Old Problem was nominated for the following award categories: Best Screenplay and Best Original Score.

We would also like to congratulate Transistor Youth Arts alumni Sam Jones for his extraordinary achievements at this years MyState Student Festival.

Sam deservedly won three awards for the two films that he submitted, including the coveted Most Promising Filmmaker award.

“Sam’s film ‘the End’ displayed a understanding and level of cinematic storytelling I have not seen or encountered in someone so young. I believe this film is one of the best half dozen films ever submitted in the MyState Student film festival.”

Lucien Simon, Transistor Youth Arts Director and Tasmanian Chapter Head of the Australian Directors Guild.



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