Thread is a cross-cultural community development project where refugees and new arrivals and young people from, born and/or raised in Australia create an original web-series together. The stories will be written with professional writers and participants. Although fictional, the stories will reflect the lived experiences of the participants, and be set in contemporary Hobart.

Partners in this project include Moonah Arts Centre, Youth ARC, the Migrant Resource Centre, Students Against Racism, Mast Films and Cooper Screen Academy.

The films will be screened at the 2019 Taste of Moonah Festival and the 2021 Dream Big Children’s Festival in Adelaide.

We have several major roles that still need casting.

(If you have received this notice or are already auditioning please share this with anyone you think may be interested. Thanks)

Nepali (or nearby)

Pankaj, Man 40-55 – free thinking

Izna, Woman 35-45 – coming to terms with the new culture

Dityah, Women 18-25 – embraced the new culture


Hussein, Man 40-55 – Traditional

Mahsa, Woman 35-45 – Traditional

Hayat, Woman 16-25 – coming to terms with the new culture

Ashkan, Man, 18-25 – embraced the new culture

African (South Sudanese or nearby)

Ameen, Woman 35-45 – Mother

Deng, Man, 18-25 – New arrival with a heart of gold


George, Man, 20s – Student, wrestling with his sexuality.

Wei, Man, 20s – bored boyfriend, student.

Tina, Woman, 20s – jealous girlfriend, student.

Australian (Caucasian)

Kevin, Man, 40s – Builder, on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Craig, Man, 16-25 – Kevins son, alienated, depressed, trying to fit in.

Harley, Man, 20s – lower-socio, alienated and angry.

Siobhan, Woman, 18-25 – Secretly dating Deng

The characters speak in their own language and English.


This is a community project so the budget is limited, however, If you are cast in one of the main roles you will be paid $250 per day (or $125 for a half day). 


Auditions will take place on 28-30 August, 2018 (the Meeting Room, The Global Learning Centre, 4 Battery Square, Battery Point).

If you can’t make those dates and are still interested, please contact us to see if other arrangements can be made.


Shooting dates are in early October. There will also be a rehearsal day on 28 September.

If you are interested then please email your name, country of origin, age, mobile number, a recent photo (of your face) and the CHARACTER NAME you are auditioning for to Lucien Simon:

Any questions contact Lucien on 0424 783 702

To secure your audition visit Doodle Poll:

Tick the time that you want and write your Name and the Character you want to play next to your name.


Lucien Simon
Mast Films
+61424 783 702

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