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 Code Blue provided a skill platform for young people living with mental health issues to make two short films. The program ran over 20 weeks, Tuesdays, 11-1.30pm. At the end of the program two short film scripts were selected, two Directors selected and participants formed two crews, and with the support of mentors, took part in the films pre-production, the film shoot and the films edit. At the end of the process two films were made.

Sombra – written and directed by Phoenix Rain

Sombra wakes from a nightmare to discover that she is in hospital having survived a terrible accident. Her body may be healing but her mental state is becoming increasingly fragile as she faces the demons that lead up to the near fatal accident.

Festival Screenings: MyState Student Film Festival (2018), Poppy Jasper International Film Festival (2019), Lift-Off First Time Filmmaker Sessions, JMC Academy Martini Awards (2019).

Awards: At he MyState Student Film Festival (2018) Sombra won the Post Year 10 Category, Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Original Music Score, Most Engaging Talent (Male & Female) and was nominated for Best Sound Design, Technical Achievement Award and the MyState Award.

The Quizzard – written by Jean Henderson and Directed by Bailey Jackson.

When a gullible accountant accidentally summons a wizard from the toilet at a pub quiz night, he is offered the chance to win the admiration of his scornful colleagues especially Patricia, or risk being the underdog forever more.

Festival Screenings: Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (2018), Inshort International Film Festival (2018).