Film Greenhouse: Years 13-17

Following the success of Transistor Youth Arts initiatives like Script to Screen Filmmaking Workshop (2015-2916) Wide Angle Tasmania’s Film Hothouse (2012-2014) initiated and facilitated by Transistor Youth Arts Director Lucien Simon launched the Film School initiative Film Greenhouse. Clarence Council hosted the first Film Greenhouse in 2016, Launceston’s Big Picture School, Interweave Arts and the Launceston City Council hosted the next one in 2017 and Youth ARC, Salamanca Arts Centre and the University of Tasmania hosted a yearlong program in 2017. In 2018 Mast Films hosted a mentoring program that produced two films for the 2018 MyState Student Film Festival.

Film Greenhouse’s mission is to provide quality filmmaking workshops and master-classes for young and emerging filmmakers across the State of Tasmania.

We firmly believe that the best way to learn filmmaking is by filmmaking so all workshops are designed so that participants go through the entire process of filmmaking, including, writing, pre-production, acting and filming.

Further, we offer master-classes in particular aspects of the filmmaking process for more advanced practitioners.

To book a Film Greenhouse program for your School, Community or Local Council contact Lucien at:


Film Greenhouse: Mentorship (2018)

Mast Films hosted this weekly workshop for 12-17 year olds. During the workshop series participants created three short films that were submitted into the 2018 MyState Student Film Festival. This program provided a mixture of master-classes and self-directed mentoring sessions. 

Film Greenhouse: Mentorship

Film Greenhouse - Weekly Workshops (2018)

This extensive workshop program ran over the entire year. In the first term we focused on Writing, Directing and Producing skills. In the second term particpants created an original 6-part web-series. In the third term the web-series was edited and a Pozible campaign for a series of short films developed. In the fourth term pre-production on four short films was done and the Pozible campaign launched. During the school holidays the films were shot and edited. This was an exciting program that helped fast track these young filmmakers into higher education.

Sponsored by: Youth ARC, Salamanca Arts Centre and the University of Tasmania

The Memes

The Memes is a 6-part web series created by particpants from Film Greenhouse: Weekly Workshops

Film Greenhouse Pozible Films

Thanks to the many supporters of these films. Films were submitted into the MyState Student Film Festival with Mental War being nominated for two awards. That Time Again was also screened at the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival.

Film Greenhouse (2016)

This was a week long intensive program with Master-classes in Acting, Writing, How to access Festival's, Producing and Filmmaking. NIDA trained actress Maeve McGregor, Award-Winning Directors Rebecca Thompson and Lucien Simon and Screen Australia recipient Briony Kidd were the tutors. For the program participants created the 13 minute film Eliza which has over 30,000 views on YouTube.

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