Film Greenhouse: Making films for Festivals: 2016

Film Greenhouse is a film creation incubator where young people aged 13 to 19 can take part in workshops and mentoring in script writing, filmmaking and screen acting. Most exciting of all is that the participants apply the skills that they learnt into producing, filming and acting in original films that will be submitted into Student and Youth Film Festivals like Flickerkids and Little Big Shorts.

In 2016 participants took part in a Directing master-class run by Award Winning Director Rebecca Thomson, gained tips on how to impress festivals from Stranger With my Face International Film Festival Director Briony Kidd, learnt screen acting from LoudMouth Theatre's Artistic Director Maeve McGregor and took part in a Screen Writing master class with Award Winning Director Lucien Simon.

15 young people aged 13-17 took part in the Incubator and together, under the watchful eyes of Bailey Jackson and Lucien Simon, they starred, wrote, Directed and filmed the 15 minute film ELIZA.


Eliza has her whole life planned but one day she loses everything when a freak accident at a circus leaves her a paraplegic. As her life spins out of control she tries to make sense of the strange clown sitting in her bedroom… 

In 2017 Eliza will be screened at the Transistor Youth Film Festival and Light Up the Lanes.

This program is supported by Clarence Council.