Script to screen: Ages 9-13

Script to Screen is a three day Holiday Workshop Program for 9-13 year olds. Participants will work together as a team to write, produce and star in an original short film that will then be broadcast on YouTube for the world to see.

Participants will go through the various stages required to produce a film.

Screenwriting: learn about story structure, how to format a script and write an original screenplay.

Pre-Production: Prepare the necessary paperwork, rehearse the script, and identify and source the necessary props, costumes and locations (working within the parameters of the workshop space).

Production: Participants will take on various crew roles and performance roles and shoot the film. Each participant will learn and take turns on each of the crew roles including operating the camera, doing the sound recording, Directing and being standby for props and costume.

Acting: Participants will learn the basics of screen acting and perform in the films they have written.

When the workshop is finished the films will be edited and a YouTube Link will be sent to each of the participants.

Past workshops have focused on different genres like Horror, Comedy, Guerilla Filmmaking etc.

Workshops have been hosted by Kingborough Council, Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Festival and  Launceston City Council.

To book a program for your local Council, Festival of School contact:


Script to Screen Youtube Chanel

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