Photo: Phoenix Rain accepts the award for Best Drama from Screen Tasmania’s Alex Sangston.

Congratulations to Director Phoenix Rain and the entire cast and Crew of Sombra for creating such an astonishing and beautiful film. It is incredibly heartening to have your work recognised and celebrated by this unique and special film festival. Also, it was great to have Victoria and Sam recognised for their gutsy performances.

Transistor Youth Arts would like to thank Headspace, the Link and Youth ARC who provided immense support to the¬† the participants and for the program. We’d also like to thank the Hobart City Council who funded this program through their Community Grants.


Sombra winner  of Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Original Music Score & the Post Year 10/TAFE/UNI category.

Victoria Bremnar and Sam Tooker joint winners of Most Engaging Talent.

Sombra was also nominated for the Technical Award, Sound Design and the MyState Award.

Congratulations to all who entered into the festival, we’d especially like to acknowledge the other Transistor Youth Arts films that were nominated for awards, Mental War (Transistor Weekly Filmmaking Program) and Call An Ambulance (Big Picture Launceston).

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