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THREAD wrapped on Saturday the 10th of November. Seeing these stories from new arrivals and refugees come to life  has been invigorating and humbling. It has been one of the most profound and enjoyable projects of my career.

When we started the project one of the main issues was that the workshops were being run in English and many of the participants were still learning the language. Consequently attendance was poor and erratic. During an arTELIER session Victoria Ryle talked with me about a similar project she had done and how she had integrated the various languages into the workshops rather than force English upon the participants.  From then on end I changed the structure of the workshops and encouraged participants to improvise and devise in their own language.  Attendance improved and the result was the creation of   a 5-part web-series  in four different languages, Persian, Nepali, Mandarin and English.

So… Harmony Day, Thursday, 21st of March 2019… these films will premiere at the Moonah Arts Centre  as part of the Taste of Moonah Festival.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Lucien Simon


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