Transistor Film: Special Projects

At the start of 2017 a group of intrepid young filmmakers, aged 11 to 16 started the inaugural yearlong Transistor Film Workshop Program run by Hobart’s Mast Films. This is no ordinary filmmaking program; this is a program that employs learning through making philosophy – that’s right, they make films. The program is also unique in that it exists in partnership with other organisations. The program is currently hosted by the Media Department at the University of Tasmania and throughout the year has received support from Salamanca Arts Centre and Youth ARC.

But this is not a simple story, sure, everything progressed as planned at the beginning - in the first term they each wrote a short film . In the second term there was still no sign of the horror that was to befall them. Innocently and naively they continued happily working in Producer, Director and Writer teams to further develop 5 of the short films.

But then at the beginning of the third term disaster struck. One of our (unnamed) major partners pulled out. They were to provide money, support and resources for their short films – now, it looked like all the of their work would come to naught. But rather than give up each team have developed a POZIBLE campaign and with your help and support they will make the films that they have worked so hard on this year.  

Click on the images below to visit their POZIBLE campaign's and support young filmmakers in Tasmania.

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